Acute Pancreatitis

Acute pancreatitis: Sudden inflammation of the pancreas. The pancreas abruptly becomes inflamed and then gets better. Some people have more than one attack but recover fully after each one. The cause of acute pancreatitis is most often alcohol abuse or gallstones. Other causes include use of prescribed drugs, trauma or surgery to the abdomen, or abnormalities of the pancreas […]

Expert Witness

Our specialists are frequently called upon to provide an accurate assessment of a patient’s condition, to provide treatment when possible, and to support attorneys in making reasonable, informed decisions and evaluations about a case. As an expert witness, our goal is to provide an impartial, honest, reliable assessment of a condition and/or injury.

Personal Injury

When you are hurt in an accident or suffer an injury, your entire life can change in an instant. We’re here to help you find and embark on your personal road to recovery. Nevada Pain & Spine Specialists has a team of experts dedicated to your successful healing. We’re here to learn about you, talk […]

Medically Assisted Detoxification

In rare cases, those who suffer chronic pain can become addicted to their medications. This can make effective pain management treatment difficult or impossible to accomplish. Unfortunately, the narcotic weaning process can be associated with uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and anxiety, which are barriers to success. Borrowing from well established and successful treatment protocols in the […]

Personalized Metabolic/Genetic Testing

Advances in understanding the genetics of medication metabolism is revolutionizing the practice of medicine. This technology has had the greatest impact in the fields of cardiology, psychiatry, and pain medicine. Most drug metabolism occurs in the liver via a family of enzymes known as cytochromes. It turns out that cytochrome function can vary significantly from […]

Medication Management

Oftentimes, medications can be prescribed to help you return to an improved quality of life. They can lessen swelling and reduce pain, with the exact dosage and type of medication chosen dependent upon your symptoms and the precise source of your pain. Expertise and experience is required to determine the best regimen of medications for […]

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal cord stimulation (also called SCS) uses electrical impulses to relieve chronic pain of the back and legs. It is believed that electrical pulses prevent pain signals from being received by the brain. SCS candidates include people who suffer from neuropathic pain and for whom conservative treatments have failed.   Procedure Overview Trial Implantation The […]

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Nevada Pain & Spine Specialists is the first area pain management group to integrate behavioral and cognitive therapy, offering patients access to a dedicated licensed clinical psychologist to help deal with the emotional and psychological burden of chronic pain. Monique J. Stanfield, Psy.D, subscribes to a whole-person approach to treatment, providing both emotional and behavioral […]

Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Injections

The two sacroiliac joints in the human body are located adjacent to the spine and connect the sacrum with the hip on both sides. Pain in these joints can cause low back and/or leg pain and may feel similar to sciatica or pain caused by a lumbar disc herniation.   Procedure Overview This injection procedure […]

Large Joint Injections

Knees, hips, shoulders and other large joints in your body can serve as the source of tremendous pain; because of their positions, they often have simultaneous rolls as hinges, shock absorbers and levers, meaning pain and stiffness in any one of them can be debilitating and affect many aspects of your life. Large joint injections […]

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