I developed an interest in Physical Therapy in high school when my father suffered a massive stroke, and I was introduced to his rehabilitation care team.  I always had a desire to do something in the medical field but this “sealed the deal” for me.  I obtained my undergraduate degree in Physical Education / Pre Physical Therapy at San Francisco State University and completed my training in Physical Therapy at Northwestern University. I’ve  years of  acute care experience, worked at an outpatient facility working with the elderly population and post-operative patients,  followed by several years in occupational medicine, working mostly with injured workers with a strong theme towards return  to work programs, and performing Functional Capacity Evaluations as needed to return injured workers to any type of gainful employment.

I love to learn and continue to do so. In 2015, I completed a two and a half year manual therapy residency program which significantly improved my manual therapy skills.  I have also, in the last few years, taken on several students as I enjoy teaching what I have learned, being a mentor to the new students entering the field, and learning about new advances in our field.

My husband sustained a traumatic brain injury so not only was I treating patients on the job, but also at home. I think the empathy increases for providers when the need for healthcare services becomes a personal issue and so close to home. I can truly understand the “life interrupted” feeling that permanent pain and injury can bring to one’s life. I look forward to treating you!